March – August 2020

It has had its grip on us since March: Covid-19 and the government measures. During the first wave, we have rehearsed online through Zoom. Luckily, Marlou knew a thing or two about it and the transition went smoothly. We started most of the rehearsals with a little dance, after which we warmed up our vocal chords and even learned some new songs! We usually ended the rehearsals with another little dance. Pieter was also there to keep teaching us about rhythm. Though we quickly learned not to pay too much attention to his hands and the sound at the same time, as those weren’t in sync with each other. We also made great progress on our way to this years’ goal: going to the World Choir Games 2021 in Belgium! Aside from the rehearsals with Marlou and Pieter, we also had to do our Blueprint days, committee meetings, board meetings and the general assembly of members online. We organised game nights and we made Spotify playlists to dance to together and to stay in touch in between rehearsals. To make a long story short: we put our shoulders to the wheel and we prepared ourselves for a good new choir year after summer.

September – November 2020

Filled with enthusiasm we were able to rehearse live in September 2020… Yay! There was a nice room reserved especially for us at the new community center Van Noord, namely their biggest room available. After an hour of rehearsing we all went outside for 10 minutes to breathe in some fresh air. We played games outside and after that we went inside again for another hour of singing. Sadly, the government strenghtened the anti-covid measures and we couldn’t rehearse in the community center anymore… Fortunately we found yet another solution! We can rehearse in the building of Baderie van Wijk in Gouda. Every Wednesday evening we are swinging amidst the bathrooms in the showroom. When we aren’t singing while standing or sitting in our own spot we wear our face masks. There are also some girls who prefer rehearsing online, so we’ve arranged for them to join us through Zoom so they don’t have to miss out on anything. The measures were tightened again during the following two weeks, so we went back to rehearsing online. This way we would still be ready for Christmas.


Ever since October we’ve been busy preparing our Christmas repetoire and getting into the Christmas spirit. As a choir we always work towards performances, but this year we can only perform in an adapted form… But we are very positive about the way in which we can perform and that keeps us busy! Stay tuned for our Christmas plans and check out our Instagram and Facebook for an impression of what it all looks like!

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